Arpie’s passion for real estate began with a love for architecture and design.  What originally started as a passion project, evolved into over a decade of multiple successful real estate investment projects. Her track record of finding properties and knowing what will have the best opportunity for upside potential is rooted in her ability to understand neighborhoods and their demographics. 

Clients enjoy Arpie’s no nonsense, practical, business mindset – something that is equal parts valuable and refreshing. Her easy-going, straightforward approach to seeking out and securing the best possible outcome for all her clients is as genuine as it gets and puts her clients at ease from start to finish of a transaction. 

“I love what I do, I love where I live and I love that I can share both with my clients. The thing that excites me most about Real Estate is one of the only investments that can bring the owner real joy while also helping them build personal wealth. I love sharing my knowledge and insights with clients. It is a partnership, I succeed when they succeed.” 

She offers a creative approach. Sometimes clients struggle finding a property that checks all the boxes. Arpie has a gift of looking at a property and seeing past what is existing and visualizing new opportunities for interior architecture and design. With over 15 years working with architects, builders and tradespeople on 7 successful development projects, as well as real estate team experience, Arpie shares much more than just real estate knowledge. Serving as a consultant and advisor, her goal is to shift the home purchasing/selling process to an enjoyable and exciting experience for her clients.

Prepping a home for marketing is something Arpie believes is important to set up a property for success. Drawing from her design, communications and marketing skills, she collaborates with the homeowner, the photographer and videographer to produce materials that help tell the story of the property. “Real Estate is complicated, while much of it is analytical it is also very emotionally driven. I like to approach a listing by creating a visual story of the property.” Arpie’s combination of creative skills, plus thoughtful business sense help her clients invest in properties wisely and also sell their homes faster and for top market value.

“California has always felt like home to me, the sun, ocean, mountains, the hip easy going lifestyle. Calling Malibu home is so special, the beauty of the environment, enjoying life to the fullest, there is a feeling of gratitude, to truly love where you live every day!  It is so satisfying to help clients discover the pockets of Malibu or surrounding beach communities that suits their needs and brings them joy.”